Learning with noodles

Oooodless of Noooodles
Every time I walk through our staff room I see a bunch of pool noodles that we never used over the summer. I jumped on pinterest to spark my nogin and get some inspiration and here is what we have been doing with a few of those pool noodles!

You can follow More Than ABC's and 123's board on pinterest HERE!

My first invitation to play. String and noodles.
Later that day we made pumpkin prints with the cut noodles.

For this next invitation I cut the noodle at about 6 inches and then cut the noodle in half long ways. I then cut a slit in the middle of each one and put out our new Alphabet Sticks and their name cards.

If your interested in these Alphabet sticks I got them here and I have been really happy with them! They have the uppercase letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side.

I wanted to see where my students were at with their number recognition skills so I took ten and numbered them on one side and dots on the other. During play time I observed a few kids say the numbers and were able to put them in the correct order, others counted the number of dots on the opposite side.
For a table time activity I cut up a hand full of the circles into little pieces and added golf tees.
and let their little imaginations go...

This activity is great for strengthening those fine motor muscles. Pushing the golf tees in as well as pulling them out!

Another day at table time I had 3 different color cut noodles and asked the kids to make a pattern. I liked how some kids made their pattern vertically and some made theirs horizontally.

We also made a marble run which a few kids decided to investigate how the cut noodles would roll down them.

The kids really liked the feel and texture of the cut noodles and played with them in a lot of different ways.
Next on the list: 
fill the sensory bin with water and all of the cut noodles!! 

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