On The Farm

Sadly summer is over but I am excited to be back at work with my preschool class. I only work until 12:30 everyday so I am able to come home and spend time with my little man! Two days a week in the afternoon I nanny for a little girl who is the same age as my son. I love to find fun practical activities for them to do. Today our theme was 'On the Farm' at 1 1/2 these little ones are strengthening so many skills from verbal to fine motor there is a lot going on in their little minds.

I bought these peel and stick foam pieces at walmart for about $6 I have seen them other places as well including the dollar tree. These are great for hand-eye coordination and for strengthening fine motor skills.

I found that if I started to pull the white backing off then handed it to them, the kids were able to pull the rest apart by themselves.

The kids had a fun time making their pictures.

I added their names when they were all finished. (not sure why the pictures are uploading upside down...but you get the picture)

After this fun activity we(meaning me because they are 1) sang Old McDonald had a farm and colored a picture. (please excuse the horrible drawings...I drew them in 2 minutes while one year old's were trying to color on the paper at the same time)

By the end of our fun farm activities the kids were saying 'pig' and 'cow' pretty well and they would giggle every time I would make the animal sounds. It is all about repetition at this age. The more you say something or set an example they will follow.I hope you enjoy this quick and fun farm activity.

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