Small business, big return.

Hi I am Taylor, most of you who follow my blog follow it because it has to do primarily with Early Childhood Development but I want to take a minute to share with you my amazing business. Yes, I have 2 little ones and yes, I work a full time job but I also am a distributor for a company that I love! A company who's products I use daily and I share with everyone I meet! 
With this business I make money to help my family every month with NO house parties, NO Facebook parties, NO cold calling, NO sales pitches, NONE of it!!! 
And no, it's not a pyramid! 
I simply share a sample with someone who is interested and they always love it and buy the products!!
These products are made up of amazing ingredients including super fruits, Camu-Camu, Cupuacu, and Acai berries from the Amazon Rainforest.
This company is growing so fast and the incentives to become a distributor are amazing!!! Incentives include, free product, discounted products, ipads, exotic vacations, oh and ya know a JEEP!!!
This company is an honest company and is debt free, it is headed by great people whom I've met personally and they are truly about providing people with great products and helping their distributors grow!
I'm just a mama who is so grateful to have products I love and make extra money for my family and I want to help others do the same!
I am honestly willing to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more about this business! You don't have to be local we have phone meeting all the time with our distributors! Feel free to email me at I will be happy to give you my phone number as well so we can talk in person!

Powrblend for nutrition
Velocity and Vmax for Energy and weightloss
Alma Vida for skin health
This is me healthier and happier!!!


  1. Taking velocity give me the best energy and no crash/tired feeling!! I love that I can come home from a long day at work and still have energy to play with my kids, give baths and make dinner! Throughout the day I don't crave junk, I eat much less at every meal and I'm loosing weight. I take velocity daily and love it!!

    1. Im so happy your loving it as much as I do Claire!!!
      xoxox Taylor

  2. I wanted to lose weight and didn't know where to start. I was tired and not motivated. I bought my bottle of Velocity and it gave me the energy to workout at the gym. I started by running. Typically I couldn't run very far without feeling like I was dying. On Velocity, I felt like I could run all day. By the time I finished my bottle, I had the endurance and stamina to run a 5K on my own. It helped me get active and get healthy. I went from 36% body fat to 23% body fat. No gimmicks. Just healthy eating and an active lifestyle. I am no longer the definition of "skinny fat" at an obese body fat percentage in a size 4. I am now healthy and fit at a size 0-2 with a low body fat percentage. I lost 12 pounds and gained confidence I never had. It all started because I bought a bottle of Velocity! Thank you Taylor for sharing this with me! It gave me the kick in my butt I needed! The best part about Velocity is you don't need it forever if you use it to help you change your lifestyle. :) -Pela McHenry

  3. I've been using Velocity for over a year now, and I'd like to share the things that I love about the product. I love that Velocity helps me control my empty snacking throughout the day, the "I'm eating because I'm bored" kind of snacking that we're all guilty of! I find myself with more motivation to move my body and get things done! Best of all my workouts are super charged. Velocity gives me the extra push that I need, just when I need it. I love this product and highly recommend it! -Krystyna

  4. Velocity is awesome. I take it at work after lunch and have such productive afternoons!! R.-

  5. I took velocity for more than a year and i lost one hundred pounds in a year and a half i also had more energy and less hungry. Shannon


  6. It's easy for products to claim that they work. Talk is cheap though, and the scale doesn't lie. The truth is that Velocity works. You not only get a more energy; you also results on the scale and in your waistline. It's nice to come across a product that does what it says it will do.

  7. Velocity works really well for me! Working in the food industry, it is hard to say no to yummy, free food. Velocity makes it easy to steer away from tempting treats and keep my energy levels up all day! Love this stuff! -SF

  8. it gave me the energy that I needed in the beginning to help me jump start my weight loss journey.


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