Sensory Play for Baby

Sensory play for babies is a great way to introduce them to new textures in their world. It stimulates their senses and promotes development. 
I took a deep bin and filled it with rice, you could also use corn kernels or dry oatmeal. My daughter is 4 1/2 months and although she does put her hands in her mouth she is not quite grasping, holding and putting things in her mouth, so eating it was not a problem.

We are in the supported sitting stage so I just propped her up against the side of the bin.

Once sitting was too much for her I put her in her jumper and placed the bin under her jumper, I put a blanket under to get it at the right height.

She loved jumping in it and feeling it on her toes.

I used out GIANT magnet board and laid it down on the floor, Once she saw her reflection she was quite interested.

Who's that baby?
A lot of babies don't particularly enjoy tummy time but they DO love looking at themselves** I propped up a light weight mirror for her to admire herself.

She liked tummy time much better when she could see another cute baby :)

Another variation is to place the mirror on the floor and let them investigate. 

Baby girl is now 4 1/2 months and Big brother is 3*** sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've had my hands full, but loving every minute. Thank you for following and leaving comments, they make my day***


  1. THis is an amazing idea for little ones.
    thank you for sharing this. EXCITED TO TRY .

  2. Lovely idea. Bath Time is another great opportunity for sensory play.


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