GIANT Magnet board: CARS

We love our GIANT magnet board and I was wanting to find some other ways to use it. 
If your new to this blog check out these other FUN things we have done with our giant magnet board (which is actually a $10 oil pan from walmart) 

For Christmas my son received this busy book it came with the mat and some toy cars, I decided to tape the mat onto the magnet board. 

His Grandma just gave him this tin of Cars magnets for his upcoming birthday so it was a perfect match for our new magnet car mat*

Now unless your child is a Cars lover like mine, you may not have these things but I was thinking how easy it would be to make your own fun magnets with any of your child's favorite interests! 

You could simply buy a pack of stickers and some magnet sheets like these. 

Stick the sticker onto the magnet sheet and cut them out. Instant fun magnets*** For a background you could print something out on your computer or draw a scene on a piece of paper and even let your kids color the background* 

I would love to here the creative ways your using your giant magnet boards*** 

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