Valentine's Day: Homemade playdough gifts (PART 2: cute packaging)

Day 4 of our week of LOVE countdown


 So in my last post I told you I was working on some super cute packaging to hold our homemade play-dough that were giving out to a few friends for Valentine's day. This post has a lot of pictures but I just love how they came out*

So I really wanted to buy mason jars but I'm trying to be very frugal so this is what I stared out with. 

 I saved a few jars and our formula cans, I spray painted the tops with chalkboard paint. 

  For the jars I cut the middle out of a heart shaped doily and wrapped twine around it. Aren't they cute?** I wrote on the tops with chalk. 


For the formula cans I cut 12x12 scrapbook paper to fit, glued it with scrapbook glue, wrapped them with doilies and twine. 

The best part about this.....I didn't spend a penny*

Tomorrow we will fill them with our pink and purple homemade play-dough and bring them to our friends. 


**check back each day for fun crafts on our 7 days of love countdown* 



Inspiration for this projects can be found 





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