Community Helper Unit

Community Helper unit is by far my favorite unit in preschool. 

With our curriculum we had to create a 'Shops-A-Lot store' in our dramatic play area. 

Here is our little store. 

I set this up on Friday and the kids were really excited to explore their new shop. I can't wait until Monday to watch them become store owners, cashiers and customers!! 

So this next project I'm pretty excited about because this idea came to me when my wonderful hubby was about to throw away a wrapping paper tube......HELLO....have you forgotten I'm a preschool teacher babe, don't you know paper towel rolls are like gold in preschool! Anyways, I had this idea to print our community helpers and tape them onto the wrapping paper roll and cut them. I'm going to place these in the block area so the kids can build a community and incorporate the community helpers in their play! 

I opened a word document and found clip-art of community helpers. 

I cut them all out,

 and taped them to the wrapping paper tube. I am going to use clear packing tape to wrap around the tubes so they will last longer in little hands!
I really love these and I can't wait to see how the kids incorporate them into their play

I also found these ADORABLE printout coloring sheets, you can find them and print them HERE!

Community Helpers Set 1 

 I am going to put these out on the table during Learning and Discovery time (free choice) along with cut paper towel rolls so the kids can color, cut and create their own community helpers!! 

I also made a mailbox with a box I found in our staff room. It conveniently had these spacers in it already! 

In our writing center I am going to put out envelopes and paper for the kids to write letters. I am going to label each section with their names, so their friends know where to send their mail! 
I also plan on using a reward system this month which includes earning 'play money' for being a 'good citizen in our community' my plan is for each student to have a small pocket on the wall and when they are doing a great job, they will earn a dollar, when they have earned $5 or $10 they will get to buy something from the treasure chest or maybe from the "Toy Store!!" oh my mind is spinning with ideas now ;)
We have great community helpers signed up to come talk to the kids and lots more planned for this month so check back to see what other fun things we will be doing! 


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