Here is a compilation of things we have done for Thanksgiving this year at home with my own kiddos, in my preschool class as well as things my kiddos have done at preschool and daycare.
So here is goes.........
We read some Thanksgiving books,

We watched this....

In my class we played with feathers  and playdough.

We made a group project with contact paper or 'sticky paper' I got the idea from Deborah over at Teach preschool, you can see hers HERE

 I took contact paper laid it out on the table, I put 2 eyes down, beak and a gobble, then I laid down the turkey body and let the kids put his feathers on!

 We then stuck him on our classroom door.

 We of course made our handprint turkeys!
We talked a lot about what we are thankful for!
 I wrote down each day of the month and everyday a student would share what they were thankful for!

We made turkey hats....

A fellow teacher found this on Pinterest, I will try to find the link. 

 My son made this adorable thankful tree in his class. (he has some good teachers!) ;)
 My one year old daughter made these at her daycare :)

Ok so thanks to pinterest and my awesome fellow teachers I wanted to share this cool find! 
 Indian Corn!!
I never knew Indian Corn was sooo cool!!! Okay so we did a few things with it and I didn't take pictures of it :( boo.....anywhoo....
I told my fellow teacher about how I saw that if you put indian corn in water it will we had a little scientific competition, I put mine in a bin with shallow water and she put hers in a shallow bin with soil.....I felt very confident mine would grown and I am still convinced that it would have grown much more if one of my little preschoolers didn't have an obsession with water and if he didn't feel the need to dump out the container every day LOL....anyways, hers grew and it looked awesome but here is proof from growing in prek that it does in fact grown in just water! 
 UPDATE: here!! Our corn is growing out of control this year!!!

 another one of my awesome fellow teachers came into the staff room and said....we just popped popcorn....from the indian corn.....WHAT!!?? Cool! She said they put a half of the indian corn into a brown lunch bag and put it into the microwave....and out popped pop corn....imagine that! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for and I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend to spend with my kiddos!!!

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