Fine motor fun

We have been working on some fall themed activities and I wanted to share a few. 

Our wonderful Miss D. brought in these fun bug catchers and we put them to use in a few different ways. 

First we used them to pick up pom pom balls and then I introduced corn kernels in this invitation to test their skills picking up something smaller.

Miss D. got these bug catchers through oriental trading company but I was unable to find them on their website but here are the same ones on amazon! 
We did some counting with pumpkin seeds...

and put our fine motor skills to the test by putting the spider rings on the dowels.
We also used our patterning trays with our spider rings.

We used our fingers to form and roll out play-dough...

and made silly faces.
For this project we filled our bags with shredded paper and tied them tight with a pipe cleaner...
We painted them orange
and made some adorable pumpkins.
We displayed them on our wall.
We did apple tasting and created our own unique apples.
Miss D. and the kids created these awesome trees by painting the trunk of the tree with a paint brush and then using pine needles to paint the branches!! I love using new materials to paint with!! They added some tissue paper to create their apples.
We made some corn for our corn stalk by gluing on corn kernels.

Each of these activities are great to strengthen those fine motor muscles to help with writing and cutting!!

A few other fun projects we did over fall break. (we are year around)

 Growing Indian Corn

Did you know Indian Corn grows... Awesome right! After last years fail of not taking pictures, you can see that post here 
I was determined to document our Indian corn this year!!! 

Day one: planted in soil.
Week two: We keep this in our classroom and put it out in the sunlight each day so I had to take the pumpkin out because it began to mold.
Week three: The kids are loving it!

Look at our corn now. !!!! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Where did you find the Indian corn? Is it the decorative kind?

    1. Yes, it is the dry decorative kind. We got our at the local pumpkin patch on our class field trip.

  2. Sweeet! I have Indian corn in water as well. This is the first week. How long did it take yours to sprout?


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