Coffee filters turn into Fall leaves

Items needed: 
Coffee filters
Fall color Markers (orange, red, yellow, brown) 
Spray bottle 

First the kids colored the coffee filters 
Then I drew a leaf and they cut it out.
Then they got to spray them with the squirt bottle!
Then we let the dry and hung them! 

I love activities that filter into the next day. The next afternoon a few kids asked to make more leaves, this time they did it independently, they got out the supplies needed, went through all the steps and even set up a spraying station and a drying station for their leaves!! 
One of my favorite things about being a preschool teacher is introducing something new, teaching them how to do it by modeling and then watching them do it independently and in their own way!! 

Just a heads up, the tables were slightly stained along with my finger tips ;) but with a baby wipe or magic eraser it came right off the tables! 


  1. Lovely idea... I can't wait to try it with my students! Thank you so much for sharing. :)
    Just a quick FYI... the plural of "leaf" should be "leaves" (not "leafs") and the plural of "supply" should be "supplies" (not "supply's"). As educators, I think we need to be careful to set a good example when sharing our writing in public. Again, thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

    1. ahhhh yes! A prime example of how my brain functions after working 8 hours with 3 &4 year old's then coming home to my own little ones, dinner, baths, bed then trowing together a quick blog post at 9pm!!! I promise I really did graduate from College lol Thank you I will make those changes!


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