A few Summer activities to keep your little ones busy!

Magnetic Fun! I have made this fun re-useable activity in my preschool classes before but it's great for the toddler age group also!!!

start with a strong glue, magnets, and pom pom balls.

Glue a small piece of magnet to each pom pom ball. Let dry.

We use this book in my preschool class with the big 'bingo' markers but it works great for this activity too!

place your chosen page on a magnetic surface. We used the bottom side of a cookie sheet!
Because they are magnetic, this activity can be cleaned up and played with again and again!!!

A few more fun activities!

Good old crayons and paper!!!
Paint with pom pom balls! You don't always need paint brushes to paint!
'stain glass' painting! you can find these small plastic shapes to paint at any craft store!

Side walk chalk!!!!

I try to always add a 'learning' component to our fun activities!  

My son drew this and said 'airplane'! he's a the next Picasso! LOL

play-dough letter! When teaching letters to preschool age and younger it is important to focus solely on Uppercase letters first until your child has mastered them, then introduce lowercase! 

I hope these few ideas will start you off with a few fun summer activities! More to come soon!!!

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