Art and fine motor skills

Collage Art

This is a great project to help develop fine motor muscles and hand-eye coordination. I gave my son a glue stick, some life-like die-cuts, crayons and paper. I showed him a few times how to put a swirl of glue on the paper then pick a picture and stick it where he put the glue...he caught on fast* When he was finished I asked him what each object was and 'documented his words' (so no I didn't spell things wrong lol, I spelled it the way he pronounces it. This is a fun way to remember these sweet stages in their lives)

The lollipop was my favorite....he thought it was a tongue compressor that they use in doctor's offices...he said "open Mommy...Aaaaaa"
The shopping cart was "go shopping" the sandwich was "sam-which" and the cupcake was "happy to you" that's how he sings the birthday song :)

Lacing Cards

I got these lacing cards from scholastic's when they had their annual $1 sale...Gotta LOVE it***
I showed my son a few examples using my words I explained how to do it...."put it through the hole, then pull it...put it though the hole, then pull it" Giving kids new vocabulary words while learning a new skill is a great way to help them recall what they are doing. Soon enough he got it** and he was saying "put it through and pull*"

Unlacing the cards can be just as tricky***

Make your own lacing cards!!!
If you don't want to buy lacing cards, here's a quick link to Dr. Jeans web page on how to make your own!!!  (see Cheerios box in picture below) 


      • hole punch sides of boxes and sew with yarn like sewing cards


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