A few yummy summer treats!

Fruit Pops!!!

Things you will need: Popsicle molds, fresh or frozen fruit and white grape juice! 

put in your fruit!

add the white grape juice
freeze and enjoy!!!

Here are a few quick and delicious frozen treats you and your kids will surly enjoy on a hot summer day!!!

Frozen CAPRISUN....if you have have never tried are missing out!!!  Simply put your favorite flavored pouch in the freezer....once frozen, cut off the entire top of the pouch. You can eat it like a push pop like my husband does or you can go at your frozen treat with a spoon, like I do. This will keep you kids cool, refreshed and entertained for a long time!!! DELICIOUS!!!!

Frozen Yogurt Snacks! Simply pop them in the freezer and enjoy! You can use any brand but I found these at trader joes, they have no added coloring, just good old fashion yogurt in them! For younger kids like my son I freeze them then cut it in half, I wrap a paper towel around it for him to hold. He LOVES these. Another great tip for Moms with little ones who are teething....these are a great snack for them...the coldness helps with the pain of teething and its yummy too!

What is summer without OTTER POPS? I loved these as a kid, when I think of summer I think of swimming, riding bikes and OTTER POPS! They were a staple in my house growing up and they still are. Just last night my husband and I cuddled on the couch after our son went to bed and we each ate a few too many otter pops! SO YUMMY!!!! 

Watermelon and Watermelon Jello!

Watermelon is a timeless treat!

I wanted to save the rind for a yummy project later so I used a melon baller to scoop out the watermelon.

scoop out all the watermelon guts
you may have to cut a section on the bottom so your watermelon will lay flat on the bottom

enjoy the yummy watermelon

Now onto the watermelon Jello! You will need red flavored jello, I bought watermelon and then realized it was pink so I added red food coloring.

make jello
pour in rind and refrigerate.

So unfortunately our watermelon rind had a big spill lol so here is a link to the 'original' recipe for this fun project! I hope it works out better for you then it did for us lol

ENJOY these yummy summer treats! 

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