Groovy Smoothies!!!

Groovy Smoothies!!!

So my son has a slight addiction to The Fresh Beat Band T.V. show on Nick JR.! I am pretty particular when it comes to what he watches...I used to be super crazy but i'm loosing up*** Anyways it's a cute show and my son has actually leaned a lot about instruments, he has always loved playing music but now he 'pretends' as if he is the characters...my favorite is now he picks up his drum sticks or two of anything really and hits them together in the air and say "TWO, THREE, FOUR..." then begins to drum his little heart out. Super Cute! anywhoo....in the show they have a local smoothy join lol and they get 'groovy smoothies' I decided we could make yummy groovy smoothies too! The easy recipe is below!


What you'll need: 
*a blender 
*frozen fruit 

In your blender add a handful of frozen fruit (any kind you like) 
a few large scoops of yogurt, (we used regular)
a few splashes of juice (we used orange juice) 
blend well...and enjoy***

My son was soooo excited to drink his 'groovy smoothy' he ran up to me and said....."SWEEET" (a key phrase used by his favorite character twist lol)

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