Magnetic Trays: Letter matching

Today in my preschool class at table time our curriculum activity was a letter hunt game. We extended this into our free play time and the kids really got into it! 

These are uppercase foam letters with magnets on the back. I wrote uppercase letters on paper and placed them on the table and on the cookie sheets for the kids to match. 
Here is a link to buy the Uppercase foam magnetic letters similar to the ones we use.

 Some kids spelled out their names 
Others found their name cards and friends name cards and copied the letters from there.

 They even started to write their own letters on the small paper to then place the magnets on!
 Lots of learning going on today!!! 

Here is a link for lowercase letters if you have older children who can use them for spelling practice!
I love using cookie sheets because it gives the kids their own work space and of course it makes using magnets even more fun!! We use these cookie sheets at our independent table for all sorts of activities

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