Easter happenings 2012

I made some Easter marshmallow pops for my sons friends. I bought edible markers and extra large marshmallows. I drew on them then put Crisco on the sticks to slide the marshmallows on easily. I got this idea here   

We dyed Easter eggs of course

We decorated foam cutouts with foam stickers.
We had fun with confetti filled eggs.

Great way to learn how to crack an egg

...and messy FUN too.
We had a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. SO fun. I saw this idea last year in a magazine, I have seen a few other variations online but I just bought glow sticks and a pack of clear sparkly eggs at the dollar tree and we had fun.

We flew a kite

My son's first time*
We made this sign. It makes me smile* I bought vinyl letters and arranged them on a canvas. I painted over the letters and let it dry before I let my son paint. I didn't want the letters to move around.

After it dried I let my son go to town and paint away*

I gave him a few shades to work with then we did his hand-print and our daughters.

Once it dried, I pulled off the vinyl stickers and TA-DA** I love it*

We planted Lima beans in a bag. We took a damp paper towel, lined up the Lima beans and then folded the paper towel over. Taped it to the window and are waiting for our beans to sprout. 

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