Bringing Kindness Elves into Play

Meet our gang! 

Green and Pink have been added to the adorable selection of elves for your little ones!

When I first purchased the grey kindness elves it was to use them during the holiday season. The elves would leave cute notes of kind acts for my children to carry out. My kids loved playing with the kindness elves and so we have expanded our kindness elves family and now my children enjoy bringing them into their play.  

A few years ago when for my daughters birthday I found an old solid wood doll house, cleaned it up and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Being the lover of all things vintage I found a lady selling a big lot of old wooden doll house furniture. Since it was in a 'lot' and I got the best deal on it I didn't mind letting my preschooler play with them. Some of the pieces as expected didn't hold up but we still have a good solid amount of furniture and the kindness elves are the perfect fit. My daughter was so excited that her elves had some new friends to play with and set up a little 'house party' (her words) apparently we throw a mean house party...I mean when the piano comes out.....look out!! LOL   

In our home my husband is a stay at home daddy and I loved that my daughter had the 'daddy elf' taking care of the baby. Just like her Daddy does (he is home with the baby during the day)

The elves have thick wires in them that help make them pose-able which is convenient for little hands.  

Kindness Elves

Green and Pink sets now available

 Being a preschool teacher for so many years my love of open-ended toys will not ever fade. These little elves have been such a fun addition to my kids play, even my 8 year old son can be caught playing with his little sister when the elves are out.

My daughter also loves that her shopkin kitchen and shopkin doughnut stand are the perfect size for the elves also! So much learning through play happens when kids have the time and option to play.

Here are the ones we have. You can click the pictures for purchasing info.

With my kids in full summer mode and in the swing of things at summer camp (hint hint) I am so excited for the next package that The Kindness Elves has in store for you!!! Stay tuned I can't wait to show you! 


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