Christmas Book Countdown simplified

Every year for the past... I'd say 5 years I have done a Christmas book countdown. Some years I've gotten really fancy and I've done a book and craft countdown (pretty easy to do when your a preschool teacher and have a billion templates already made) other years I have wrapped 24 books individually and made adorable handmade numbered tags... but this year....well this year is a little different. I am working full time, have 2 kids under the age of 6 and I'm 6 months be honest the simple thought of wrapping 1 book let alone 24 sounds just plain awful!! I do however want to keep the tradition going so I thought I'd share with you my easy but still cute Christmas book countdown. 

Now I know very few things in life are free....but did you know that shipping supplies through USPS (the post office) are free, and you can order online and have the supplies delivered straight to your door for free. Now before you call the post office police on me, I am aware that this is a service to be used, to then ship with USPS. My husband and I both sell items online (more on that under hustling mama) and we ship out a lot of things weekly through USPS so I am fully supporting our local post office! Anywho, back to our countdown. I decided to use 24 of the priority mail envelopes to do our countdown this year. 

I happen to be in the craft store and saw some adorable washi tape and found the perfect #number stickers because again....the easier the better this year! Let's be honest I could have numbered these envelopes with a sharpie but I think we can all agree that washi tape make everything 1000 times cuter!! 

I did alternating envelopes with candy cane washi tape and gold reindeer washi tape. 

Once I finished making them cute and putting on the number stickers I filled each envelope with a Christmas book. 
Again, having taught preschool for 10 years I have quite the collection of books but I still ordered a few new ones to change things up this year. 

We start with book 1 being Elf on the Shelf because yes, we have bought into the tradition and we keep it cute and kind and not so crazy....our elf comes the first night of December because a few years ago he came the night after thanksgiving and then this mama was totally over the elf thing come mid December so now he come December 1st at night. 

Christmas Eve I always put the good old classic, The night Before Christmas. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites, I posted links for each book at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few I just ordered so we could have a bit of a different selection this year!

These will all fit nicely in an envelope to be chosen each night as we look forward to Christmas!! 

Our envelopes are filled and ready, now time to decorate the tree!! 

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  1. I love this idea. I do not have children but I am a preschool teacher and I think it would be fun to somehow use it in my class. Our school is only closed Christmas Day, during that holiday. Thank you for your ideas they are all great!!


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