Baking with your toddler!

So first and foremost I need to address my son's ridiculous outfit...yes he is wearing stripped PJ pants, a batman tee and a crazy sweatshirt, and yes those are toilet paper rolls around his neck LOL but those I can actually explain it's a little project we did that will be in my next post but as far as the outfit as a whole I can't even say 'oh he dressed himself or he picked out that outfit out himself lol...nope that's just the kinda day it was lol

Anywhoo, back to baking with your toddler...I am by no means Miss Betty C. or old Martha what's her name but even I can do a little baking and make it fun for my little man.

This particular day we made Pumpkin muffins, I bought pre-made mix from Trader-Joes because I knew I wanted to included my son in this adventure and all we needed to add was water, oil and eggs.

I cracked the eggs in a big bowl first then pre-measured the water and oil out into measuring cups and lined it all up on our kitchen floor. I then helped my son poor each of the cups into the bowl and let him stir for a few minutes then we added the mix and I stirred it to smooth it out then let him take over again. This lasted for quite some time. He loved pulling the whisk up and out of the mix and watching it drip down. This is great for hand-eye coordination and the beginning concepts of cause and effect.

When it came time to fill our mini muffin molds my little man was not happy that he couldn't stir all day so I traded him for another bowl and put in a little water and gave him another spoon to stir his little heart out!

After the muffins were in the oven for awhile I turned on the oven light and showed my little man...he said 'whoa!' and he soon those mini muffins were all gobbled up!

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