I spy!...Arrrr, I'm a pirate...bird watching...nature hunts...binoculars are usful for so many fun things

Here's how to make them for your little ones!

As strange as this may sound, the better the toilet paper the worse the toilet paper roll actually is. So if your wanting these binoculars to last more then 15 minutes with little hands I suggest the cheapest kind of TP you can get...the one I bought is in a pink and white wrapper it's called bathroom tissue K-500...these rolls are so strong!

The binoculars on the top are from nicer more expensive toilet paper and the ones on the bottom are the cheap kind :)

First poke two holes, one in each roll and make sure the holes are lined up evenly.

Next, stand them up and lace ribbon or string through one hole starting from the inside and pulling it out.
Next, put the string through the next hole starting it on the outside going in.

Next pull both string down through the tube and pull them out at the bottom.

Next turn the tubes over ans tie the strings together tightly this will keep the rolls from separating.

Tie the ends around your child's neck and let the fun and imagination begin!

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