A few Easter things to do!

With Easter around the corner here are 2 fun and easy things to do to start the festivities!!!

Easter Egg Art!

What you need:

corn syrup
food coloring (the neon is awesome!)

pour the corn syrup in a small cup and add some food colors....its that easy!!

***This is defiantly a MESSY craft which I LOVE!!! but it's also an easy clean up! So lay out a drop cloth and go for it! 

you can have the kids color on the surface first with crayons first and the corn syrup will repel off the wax from the crayons. Let it dry on a flat surface.

Rice Krispy treats!

We went to our friends house the other night and she made rice krispy treats and then let the kiddos use Easter shape cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes. It was so cute and the kids had so much fun! They were running around saying the shapes...butterfly... (oval) for the egg shape and flower! They enjoyed eating them equally as much!!!

you can follow the recipe on the side of a rice krispy cereal box.



  1. These are great ideas, and must be so much fun to do with them too!

  2. remember doing this at sunshine and it was so much fun. you still hosting that class? laila is 16 months and would love to start coming next month.


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