Shape Crowns...making learning fun!!!

Toddlerhood is the most amazing time...I love being able to teach my little man something new and see him process the information and repeat it and later re-call that same information!

Did you know that within the first 3 years of life, 75% of a your child's brain will develop!!! This is the most critical time of brain growth!

When introducing new concepts try to remember to make it fun!

This activity is a great fun way to introduce shapes!

First I drew a few shapes and colored them in, I would point to a shape and say the name and see if the kids could repeat it. I would ask them, "Can you point to the circle?"

Next I drew a circle on a paper so that they could color in the shape, I would repeat the word circle many times.

Next I took a sheet of paper and cut it in half making a wiggly line. I drew on a few shapes, colored them in and wrote each child's name.

I taped the 2 papers together and made a shapes crown, we continued to point to the different shapes and I would say the name of the shape and we talked about the colors too!

I hope your little ones enjoy walking around with their new shape crowns on their heads as much as my little man did!!!

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