Stacking Blocks...Old School or a Classic development toy?

Now in days with all of the electronic noisy toys...(I'm not putting them down...we own a ton!)are stacking blocks for toddlers considered to be old school and out of style? With such a simplistic toy AMAZING developmental strides are made! So call me old fashion but I love wooden toys and wooden blocks!

Even more demanding than placing blocks or beads in a container is the task of stacking blocks. The number of blocks that a child can stack is correlated with their level of motor development. A 15 month old can stack about 2 blocks while an 18 month old can probably stack around 4 blocks. A toddler may be able to stack 5 blocks or more!

Wooden blocks are great for
spatial skills
social skills
motor skills and hand-eye coordination
language skills
creative problem-solving skills

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