Pet Store Thrills!

Today I was reminded of just how wonderfully simple life with a Toddler can be! (No I didn't miss-type lol), I of course know not all day with the toddler age group is simple but if you step back and view things the way they do...life becomes very simple!

Today I had to run into our local Trader Joe's to grab 2 things, so I let my son walk with me, I always set up the situation and my expectations ahead of time! I asked him, "Do you want to walk?" of course he said 'WALK!' SO I gave him a reminder..."Okay, you can walk but you have to hold Mommies hand or i'm going to pick you up...he said 'HAND!' So anyways we walked in grabbed the two things I needed and walked out. Right next door is a Pet-Co (pet-shop)

We were in no hurry so I said, "Let's go look at the animals!" 'ANIMALS!' As we walked in we headed towards the mouse/rat/hamster section...My son pressed his little hands and face against the window in such amazement and to my amazement he turned and said 'Mouse!' ....I didn't even know he knew how to say mouse, let alone identify a real one! After that section we ventured over to the 'fishies' and my son looked like he was in fishy heaven! rows and rows of aquariums, he didn't know what else to do but point to each and every tank and say 'fishey, fishey, fishey' as to say MOM this is AMAZING, are you seeing all of this! lol

After a few minutes of stepping back and letting him take it all in I took his hand and we headed over to the slimy area :) frogs, snakes, lizards...the gross boy stuff :) I showed him the snake and he said 'Sssss' As he did this with such delight I realized that this indeed might be the best free field trip ever!

We looked around some more and found some birds, I was hoping that they would have some cats or dogs (my son LOVES 'Meow Meows and doggies') but they didn't that I could see so I gave my son a warning..."Okay, we are going to go soon, lets say good bye to the animals!" So we said goodbye to the snake and the fishies...yes all of them lol and as I bent down to say goodbye to the last fish my son gave me a big hug!, as to say...('thanks Mom! Your the coolest!'...well i'm gonna take it as that lol)

As we walked out I saw bunny cages so we headed over to that area and talked to the bunnies for awhile, then we left and I realized how amazing it is to have a toddler! So much delight, such thirst for knowledge and so much love to give!

So I wanted to share this because I think sometimes we 'adults' think we have to plan these big trips, adventures or projects when sometimes the excitement can be as simple as walking through a pet store...so next time your not in a hurry, walk through a pet store with your toddler and see the delight that fills their hearts!


  1. Too cute! I want to take Aubree there now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've done this a few times with kids that I have nannied for on hot days when it is too hot to play outside but we need to get out of the house. I t is great to see how amazed they are at the little things. A couple of other fun local adventures I've done with the kids are going to the Bridgeport Marketplace and feeding the ducks and also going to the drive thru car wash behind Target. We crank the music up and it is and indoor,water roller coaster! So much fun!


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