Valentine's Crafts for your little ones

Valentines Day Mural of Love

What you will need

*contact paper

*Valentine's Day paper

Fold the paper and cut half hearts:

Lay out a piece of contact paper with sticky side up and let your little ones place the hearts on the contact paper.

We stuck ours to the fridge!

Paper Hearts on a Stick

What you will:

*White construction paper
*Big Popsicle Sticks
*sponges or paintbrush or both!

Before the project cut out a large heart from the white paper and glue the heart to the Popsicle stick

Let the kiddos sponge paint or paint with brushes on the heart.

Can you tell we do a lot of hand-print art....that's my boy!

Up-cycled Flowers 

What you will need:

*a water bottle
*acrylic paint (any other kind will chip)
*tissue paper
*straw or pipe cleaner

Cut the top off of the water bottle

Cut slits in up the sides

Bend down each slit

and you have a flower!

Turn the flower cap side up and allow your child to paint it! (remember acrylic paint is the only paint that won't chip off)

This is what it looks like when you turn it around.

Let it dry then roll up a small ball of yellow tissue paper and stick it in the middle of the flower. Tape a straw to the back for a stem or wrap a pipe cleaner around making a stem. We took the bottom of the water bottle and stuffed it with some tissue paper as a could let your little ones paint or decorate the 'vase' as well!

Happy Valentine's Day...Enjoy!!!

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