Fishes Fishes Everywhere!!!

Today was a cold and rainy day...what to do... Well we recently watched the movie Finding Nemo and last night my Dad bought my son a very cute book about I decided this would be a fishy kinda day.

First we read our new book! It's called Hooray for Fish! and it came with an adorable DVD that is a short animated version of the book. It was so son and I read the book a few times then watched the short story with the book in our laps. It also came with a page of stickers or fish from the book.

                                           The Cute Stickers.

This book is great for learning many different concepts


Feelings! This one's my favorite with toddlers.
My son says "HAPPY" with a smile and "sad" with a deep voice and a sad face...too cute.

After our story and the short animated version we got started on making our fish.

take a coffee filter...
cut out a triangle...
then glue the triangle on the opposite side to make a tail.

I let my son use dot markers to decorate his fish.

we glued a button on as an eye and my son ran around with his new fishy.

Next we made a play aquarium.
I took a large tupper-ware and filled it with warm water and put in my sons play fish...I put down are catch-all mat for easy clean up.

Water play is not only for outside! It is a fun and stimulating activity that helps develop observation and gross motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

He was making the fishes kiss...

just like in the book.

Later in the day we read The Rainbow Fish...we have the 'bath book' version so it is a much shorter version of the original story.

I did the same thing I did with the coffee filter but this time I used a bowl and because we didn't have any foil in the house I used the top or a applesauce container.

You could have your child paint the bowl first then glue on the foil for the 'Rainbow Fish' scales.

We had a fun fishy day and I hope you enjoy these ideas.


Thank you for your feedback and comments!!!!