Fun ways to reuse water bottles!

I recently attended a workshop at the kindergarten conference in Pasadena Ca with the amazing Dr. Jean! It was a green workshop and she had some great ideas on how to reuse water bottles. Here is the link!

We made the "I Spy" bottle and the "Magnet" bottle!

These are a few items we put in our "I Spy" bottle

We added our items and then filled the bottle with instant grits through a funnel and glued the cap on. Let your kids move the bottle around and look for the objects!

This is the magnet bottle...I filled it with both magnetic items as well as objects that are not magnetic so the kids could see the difference. We filled this one with grits as well and clued the cap on. The kids can rub a strong magnet along the bottle and watch the magnetic items 'dance' around in the bottle.
Note: I first tried this in a Gatorade bottle but the plastic was to thick so we switched it to a thinner water bottle.

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