Sensory Table ideas

Sensory Table Ideas

As a preschool teacher I know how important sensory tables are in the scope of Child a Mommy I know how FUN they are*** Sensory tables or bins aren't just for preschool* Set one up in your home and spend some time with your little one* The possibilities are endless and I will be posting many more sensory table ideas but here are just a few to start*

My Mom just happened to have a container of oatmeal that was expired in her cupboard,  PERFECT, dump it in a large storage bin and throw in a few spoons and cups for scooping and filling and you have instant fun*

In this house we are ALL boy* (well at least for the next few months before his baby sister comes along) so naturally the cars joined in the fun*

Dried Rice and Pasta
use dried rice or pasta or both* you can even dye them different colors*


My son was delighted when he was able to wash his cars* Simply add warm water and a few drops of soap.
I gave him a towel to dry his cars off when he was done*

HERE are a Few other fun SENSORY activities we have done**
(click on the links below to view them)

Construction Zone Sensory Table

Water Table Fun

Gone Fishin'

I bought this great product last year it's called 'The Neat Sheet' we use it for everything, beach trips, picnics and of course UNDER OUR SENSORY table*** It makes clean up so easy***

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