Preschool skills

These chopstick helpers are AWESOME!!!!

Looking for a great way to strengthen those fine motor muscles?
Chopsticks, pom pom balls, and a tray. 
My kiddos love this and are getting really good at using the chopsticks and can now pick up the smaller pom pom balls!!!

I wanted to get an idea of where the kiddos in my class were with their letter recognition. I put out some letter cards and told the kids that we were going to go on a letter hunt. They were to look around the room and find letter and match them to the card. I was able to see which children may need more support and practice with letter recognition without having to test them with flashcards!!! 

They did so well! The found letters from puzzles, the magnet board and from the letter beads we have.

Then we got to put them all away! Great sorting activity! 

Another easy way to set up a sorting activity is to simply put out colored paper for the kids to match/sort. This is how I set up our independent table in our table time rotation.

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