PlayMobil and why we LOVE it!!

“The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” – Erik H. Erikson

What is playmobil? 

Playmobil brings out imagination and creativity and promotes open ended play. With playmobil, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature. 

Playmobil is more common in stores now then the past few years but they can still be hard to find so I have linked a lot sets for you, some we own, some I wish we owned lol but hopefully it will make your search a bit easier :D
My son loves to role play with his playmobil. It allows his to create a world and act out characters. He doesn't seem to do this with any of his other toys, even his action figures only hold his attention span for a short time. 

This school set I bought for my son when he first started preschool. It was so adorable to see him act out his experiences at school. He would sit all the kids in a circle and have the teacher sing the good morning song. He assigned each playmobil child to a classmates name and would say things like "John, do you want to play with me?" As a preschool teacher my self I was in awe of his perception of school and the interactions he would act out with his playmobil figures. Developmentally, it showed me where he was at in his development of play. As a mommy I just loved watching him play!!! 

My daughter is 2 and although they make  a younger version of playmobil for toddles she loves playing with her brothers, (however she is supervised and we take away all the small pieces!) I thought it was time I bought her a 'girly' set. Like I stated above, sometimes hard to find in stores and when I went they had such a limited selection so I bought 2 mystery girl packs and to my excitement....yes I say my lol we got a fairy in each one!!!! I mean I did try my hardest to use my x-ray vision and my spidey-sense to feel for 'wings' lol because honestly I didn't really want a Dracula queen or some of the other 'interesting ones' lol anyways super excited for the fairies!

I happen to have found this foam fairy garden kit awhile back it was just perfect for introducing open ended play to my daughter!!! 

  Here are some other adorable girly sets! 
And that fairy house below isn't playmobil but its on my adorable is that!!!! 

Okay....get excited!!!! Playmobil has Advent Calenders!!!! Growing up my mom always got us the box chocolate advent calendars which were tasty but over the last few years I've been trying to create our own family traditions and this one is a keeper!!! My son was 3 last Christmas and he loved it! The Advent Calenders come with a scene/backdrop and a box with 24 doors, behind each door is a playmobil piece to add to your play!!! It was so fun each night to see what was next. One day you might get a tree the next day woodland creatures or Santa!! They have many choices so you don't repeat the same each year. The best part about this set last year is that I packed it up with the Christmas decor and it will come out this Christmas to be played with throughout the holiday!!! 

Advent Calenders!!!

I think this year we might get our son the pirate one and our daughter the pony one!!!! 

So what do you think!? Do you love them as much as I do? Have you ever heard of playmobil?? Do your children enjoy open-ended play with them?

The first set we got was the first picture in this post the fire and police ones. I happen to get lucky and get a huge discount due to a damaged box. I have found good deals on amazon and purchased them and others have been gifts!! We are enjoying our little collection and play with them often! The thing I like the most is how durable playmobil is I feel like these will be one of the few things I save or (hoard my hubby would say) for the grand kids!!! Lol that's a looooonnnggg way away but how fun would that be!! 

 This is how we store ours
P.S. just so you know this is not sponsored or hosted by playmobil lol just a mommy who found a toy that her Kiddos love to play and be imaginative with! ;) 

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