must have gifts for preschoolers

It's official as of today: Only 46 more days until Christmas!!!! 
Over the years I have had parents of my preschool students ask for gift ideas for their kiddos. So I thought I would put together a list of my favorite toys for preschool age kids!!!! 

In no particular order here are some of my favorites. These are toys that day in and day out have held my preschool kids interest throughout the whole year. Most of these are great for open ended play and great for strengthening those fine motor muscles!! 

If I had to pick my absolute must have toy it would be the magna-tiles!! It doesn't matter if you have a girl or a boy, kids LOVE these!! They are awesome on a table, the carpet and even cooler on a light table!! My preschoolers get so creative with these!! They love making cubes and putting other small objects in them. They make house, castles, robots, rocket ships. These are taken out by choice in my classroom EVERYDAY!! The magna-tiles are what I have been saving for to get our son this year for Christmas!


I hope some of these inspired you to think outside of the basic toy isle. Every child has certain characters that they like but you can only have so many of one type of toy! I wish more children had more basic open ended toys to allow them to learn and grow and create while having fun!!

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  1. Gratitude for sharing this list of must have gifts for preschoolers. It is truly great to have this list. My son will be starting going to Phoenix preschool quite soon and I would love to buy some of these essential items for him. Keep sharing such helpful posts!


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