Our homemade costumes over the years

So to be honest, I don't really even like Halloween...but I really like being crafty! So here are a few homemade costumes from the past few years. 

I'm starting with this awesomeness because I just finished it and i'm oh so excited about it! We are going to a family party and we were asked to dress up. The kids are covered so the Hubs and I needed really inexpensive costumes stat! I was just going to be a 'nerd' and the Mr. Well we weren't sure. I turned to good old Pinterest and started searching and scrolling through tons of DIY costumes but again time and mula were short. I searched 'Pinterest costumes' and a few pins came up. One lady had a cork board around her neck with her 'pins' on it another had magazine pictures literally safety pinned to her. I have a 4 year old and 23 month way am I able to wear a cork board around my neck or have pieces of paper hanging off me with safety pins!!! I loved the idea though so I started to brainstorm. First I though maybe I could take screenshot of each pin then have the pictures printed, too big...maybe I could take a screenshot of my pin feed then print it out and cut out the, too small...
So I hopped onto Pinterest picked a board and hit print! The print box came up and I hit landscape mode then only selected a page or two to print (hint: in landscape mode they print bigger)......out of each page I only got about 2-3 complete prints so I selected a few boards, printed a few pages and then cut out the pins that printed fully on the page. Then I lined them up in rows and glued them onto the shirt. 

A little advertisement for my blog lol and a shout-out to my little man in the picture! 
So the Mr. is fully aware of my addiction to Pinterest he calls it "Mommy Porn" lol so when I got excited about this costume idea he said only other girls will "get it" ummmmm yeah....but they will get it and love it and fully appreciate it!!!!! 
Anyways, I told him he gets to wear whatever he wants he just has to let me tape "pin it" on him and an arrow!!! 
Shhhh...I might just have to stick this on his back!!!! 

Here are a few of my other homemade costumes but I don't have tutorials for them...I will briefly explain how I made them but if you have any questions leave it in the comments and I will respond to you!!! 

This year my super-hero crazed 4 year old boy said "Mommy, I want to be Stitch for Halloween!" I was in spider-man, iron-man, bat-man, thor-man!???!! lol What's even more perfect is our baby girl has long dark hair like Lilo! I was determined to make her a little Lilo costume! She's only 23months and doesn't really care what she dresses up as. (yes I know I might as well say 2.....but I just can't yet!!! I still have 15 more days of having a one year old, I'm going to saver them!!) 
Here it is!
For her dress I drew out a leaf templet on took me a few tries, they are harder than they look! Then I cut them out of felt and glued them onto a little red dress she already had. 
Scrump was a bit harder to figure out. I wanted to just buy a scrump doll but apparently unless your a Disney princess your murchandise gets discountined when your movie came out in 2002 & it's now 2013......huph!!! 
Basically I took some soft green fabric I found in the discount bin and drew a big headed gingerbread man then I cut around it leaving about a half inch or so. As shown below. I cut the hair out of felt and made the bow with felt as well. After I had somewhat of my concept I glued all the edges except for the top of the head. Once dried I flipped it insideout so I could no longer see my 'drawing' and I had a nice sewn seam. From there I sewed on the eyes and belly then stuffed it. Once it was stuffed I was able to glue on the mouth and stitches and glue the head together. 
The finished Scrump....our daughter loves this!!! Just my luck it will be the thing she wants to carry around with her everywhere LOL 
So that's this years crafting...hear are a few from the past few years.

I am a full-day preschool teacher and the curriculum we use this Owl "Ollie" is kind of like a mascot. So last year I made an Ollie costume to wear for our "Make Believe parade" (yep you guessed it, I work for a public school district so we have to be all P.C.about everything!!) 
For this costume bought a few yards of felt.....can you tell I like felt! I like it because when you cut it, it doesn't fray!!!!! 
Anyways I took maybe a half a yard??? I have no clue...folded in half on the folded side I cut a slit down the center. Now picture putting your head through the slit and have one flat panel on your font and a pancho!!! Is this making sense!!?! 
Then a cut tons of U shapes for the feathers and glued them down rows. For the head, I took my sweatshirt and laid the sweatshirt hood down folded and traced its shape, then I put it out and glued it together to make a seam, flipped it inside-out and glued on eyes and a beak also made with felt. 

The kids loved it!!! 

This  awesomeness I made when I was preggo with our second. I really wanted a shirt like this but a screen printed one was going for $30+ for just the shirt. So I took a long sleeve black maternity shirt I had and found a pair of cheap black stretch whole costume cost me under $10. First I put on the constume, then I took chalk and marked lines where the 'front' would be to draw the bones. I drew lines for where the ribs would be and so on. I took it off and pulled a few references up on the computer of skeletons. Then I just free hand drew the bones with white chalk. Once I liked the placement I went over the chalk in white puffy paint and then when it dried I painted the inside with white paint. (NOTE to self....don't use washable paint.) 

I loved how it turned out!!! Don't mind that horrible picture...It was my last day at work and I had our baby girl 11 days later...not my best pic!

This stuff.....lets just say....if you don't know how to sew....which I DO NOT....this is your best friend!!! I made all of the above costumes using this!!!

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