Glow sticks fun!

So I did this activity awhile ago with my son and he LOVED it and so did I*** It was so much fun!
I am all about giving credit where credit is due...I am obsessed with this blog I found, you should check it out! play at home mom

Anywhoo on with the fun!!! So I bought a bunch of glow sticks at the dollar tree and let my son take them into the bathtub with him! we turned out the lights and I covered the window...

so much fun!!!

here he was playing the drums :)

he loved how the light took shape when he moved it fast...he said, "like a butterfly!" 

It was such a fun bath time and I played games with him and asked him can if he could find certain colors and he would pull that color out of the water.

Later that night we also made a fort and played inside our fort with the glow sticks!

A friend of mine suggested we tie them to the ceiling fan and turn it on low! We haven't tried that one yet but it sound super fun and is on my to do list!!!

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