Things to keep them busy!

I like to have little activities to take out when our day needs a little pick me up!
I have a bag I keep in the closet that has different odds and ends and activities. Anytime I make a trip the the dollar tree I will grab a few 'new' things to add to it.

With the above being said....this unfortunately is not a dollar store find lol far from it more like an expensive lakeshore find but it's one of the benefits of being a preschool teacher for so long....I get to use fun things in and out of the classroom. 

This is a 'The Hungry Caterpillar'  flannel board set. We didn't use it as a flannel board but it was still fun to play with the pieces as we read along with the story!

This is how you know i'm a super dork! I have a handful of Eric Carle books signed by the man himself!!! I saw him at the book festival a few years back and my amazing hubby stood in line to get me his anniversary pop up  book which then got you a ticket for the book signing! He is one of my favorite children's authors and I was thrilled to meet him!!!

sorting and matching

counting how many oranges
all the fruit from the story
For this activity we used the back of some Christmas wrapping paper we had in the closet. I taped it to our coffee table so we could make a road map.

He loved the idea of a road and soon had all his favorite cars out.
the road got a bit crowded ;)

When he noticed I was taking pictures, he positioned his cars and said "here you go mommy, take picture"

and of the big boys ;)
another dollar store find....magnet letters and a small cookie tray.
10 sponges for a $1 I cut them into 3 strips each to make fun building blocks.

I can't wait to bring these in the bath or in the water table with a tray that floats and let him build on top of it! (thanks Amy B. for that great idea!)

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