Sensory Table: AQUA GEMS!!!!

These are seriously the coolest things you will ever put into you sensory table*** I'm obsessed***

I originally found this idea from play at home mom  an amazing blog!

Then my amazing Friend Amy did it at her home-preschool and the kids LOVED it** She had bought the aqua beads which are already packaged ready to go...they come in lots of colors, she was just telling me how she bought orange ones for Halloween and shes going to put in bats and spiders...SO FUN***

We used Aqua Gems...basically the same exact thing but they come in very very small beads and you soak them in water for a few hours and they grow.

I bought this pack for about $4 at Joann's it make 1 gallon of aqua gems                                                (we only used half of the pack)
They are very small then you add water

After about 2 hours
After about 4 hours...I drained the Aqua Gems and they were ready to be played with*
Seriously they feel sooo cool**

scooping, pouring, dumping, sorting, and naming all the colors*** Such a fun developmental activity

I had one of those baby medicine was the perfect size for the gems to fit in* all on his own he started putting the blue ones in and counting them** He would find a blue gem and say "I found another blue one" or "There it is*" then he would put it in and count* It was a proud Mommy moment* I love observing him when he is so immersed in an activity* 

You have to try these with your kiddos, they will love them** I look forward to adding them into my preschool class sensory table quite often this school year*

Did I mention they last* To store them put them in a ziplock bag with a little water to keep them hydrated and keep the bag in the fridge, when you want to play with them again just rinse to rehydrate and enjoy***

Let me know what you think***

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