Color bags!

Color bags are a great tool to have for creating those teachable moments.

In our house we are working on the colors Yellow, Blue and Red. I went though our toys and picked out objects that are those solid colors. Blocks, cars, balls, legos ect. and put them in ziplock bags for easy storage but color bins or fabric bags would work great as well. (Please not if you use plastic ziplock bags like I did please do not leave them within child's reach)

Everyday I takeout one of our color bags and I take one object out at a time. "This is a ball, a yellow ball." We (meaning I) talk about the object and color. I say it and my son repeats it, then we move onto the next object. Once we have done each bag a few times each I take out two bags and two colored bins. I dump out all of the yellow objects and all of the blue objects and we sort them. We put the blue items in the blue bin and the yellow items in the yellow bin saying each color. This helps with color identification as well as sorting which is a preschool early math skill.

This is a fun and simple way to learn colors. For older kids or more advanced toddlers you can start to introduce A/B color patterns such as yellow blue yellow blue.

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