toddler marble art

Traditional marble art is not age appropriate for toddlers because of the small size of marbles but that doesn't mean you can't do it with bigger balls.

Things you will need:
* a box of some type
(When you buy large bundles of paper they usually come in big boxes with tops...the tops work perfect, you can always go to your local costco or smart and final to find a box that will work also.)
*paint (if you don't have washable paint you can always add a few drops of dish soap into any paint to help it to wash off easier)
*Paper (any color any size)
*large plastic balls (these will wash off the easiest)

First place the paper inside the box

add paint

let your little one hold both sides of the box tilting it side to side to roll the balls back and forth and watch the paint make tracks across the paper

If your little one is anything like my son, cars would also be a very fun object that would make fun tracks across the paper.

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