October fun! Pumpkin Painting

When you have toddlers carving pumpkins isn't always fun. The knives are dangerous, the insides are messy and really there's not much for them to do. So why not paint the pumpkin?

Whenever painting a great art tool is a drop mat or art cloth of some sort. A great re-usable one like a thick table cloth work great because after paint falls on it you can either hang it outside to dry and re-use the next time or wipe it down after each use. For a quick drop cloth take a trash bag and cut it down the seams/sides. If you want the trash bag to stop sliding on the table wipe the table down with a damp cloth and the trash bag will cling to the table. (a little preschool teacher trick)

I use an old white T-shirt as a smock so we don't ruin our clothes.

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