Fine Motor skills

This is a great fine motor activity! It encourages hand eye coordination and strengthens those ever so important 'writing' muscles. 

I bought these games at the dollar tree. I used the block and made really cute photo blocks you can see them here . I saved the tees and dice for this activity***

on a tray I put a wooden hammer, a Styrofoam block (the kind you find in the floral section) the tees and the dice.

The first activity we did was hammering, this is great for hand eye coordination.

My son got out his toy pliers and started picking up the tees and dropping them into the bowl** Tweezers or small tongs could also be used.

Then I took out the dice...these dice are much smaller than regular dice. He did a great job**

Then my son hammered in the tees and put the small dice on each tee. This is great for developing fine motor skills***

He impressed me even more when he picked up the pliers and started picking up the dice and placing them on the tees.  

He carefully placed all the dice on the tees.

After his nap he asked to do this activity again :D

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