For the followers of 'More than ABC's and 123's'


I wanted to take a minute to welcome all the NEW followers to *More than ABC's and 123's* and a BIG thank you to everyone who has been following and to all of those who have shared links on pinterest and their own facebook pages and blogs***

I get so excited when I do an activity in my preschool classroom or at home with my son because I know I get to share it with all of you* 
It absolutely makes my day when you comment or ask questions, I will always answer any questions you may have, you just have to look back in the comments and it will be there***

so again a BIG thank you!!! 
In this same post I wanted to share a few links with you. I LOVE when people share my blog with others so I wanted to do the same* A few are friends of mine and a few are just blogs I love.  I hope you ENJOY them as much as I do**

Here are two GREAT blogs (they also have FB pages) you can find the link for "Teach Preschool" here. When she shares one of my links my blog 'blows up' (I kinda LOVE it)
The other is 'play at home mom' you can find their link  here

Here are a few Crafty blogs for you, My Mister Mischief and Little Yellow sew shop both have ADORABLE stuff on their etsy shops*** you can find them here. and here.
I just started another blog that is crafty but for mommy not the's called 'Craft Me Silly, Mommy's craft can find it here if your interested. 

This kind lady blogged about one of me sweet, you can find her blog and great ideas here. 

If your looking for some AMAZING recipes....look no farther....than the Harmony Household, you can find the link here.   

Hope you enjoy these and THANKS again for all the LOVE and COMMENTS***

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