Bath time FUN

There are days that we need to take quick baths and get on with our evening and there are other days when were not in any rush, so why not have some BATH TIME FUN* For those types of nights here's what we like to do* 

We made two different types of bath paint. For one you need baby shampoo/soap, corn starch and food coloring. For the other type you just need shaving cream and food coloring.

For the paints on the right I put a squirt of baby shampoo a small scoop or corn starch and a drop of food coloring in each ice cube slot. I did not measure it. On this blog they have actual can see here

For the shaving cream paint on the left of the tray, I just squirted some shaving cream into the ice cube slots and a drop of food coloring and mixed it with a toothpick.

I liked the shaving cream bath paint better but they are both fun* We also figured out that the plastic ice cube trays floated in the water which made it easier to paint with for my son. 
Foam shapes in the tub. They stick to the sides of the tub*

making fun designs

We also did GLOW STICKS in the about FUN*** you can see that previous post here

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