Sensory Table: colored rice

Colored rice is pretty much a staple in a preschool's how to make it.
you will need: white rice, vinegar,  food coloring, and some sort of jar or baggie. We used disposable cups with lids. 

I added about 2 Tablespoons of vinegar and about 5-8 drops of food coloring 


I added 2 cups of rice, put the lid on and shook it. 

 spread it out on a brown bag and paper towels to dry. 

All ready for my son to play with. 

I poured it into a shallow container that has a lid that snapped on for easy storage. I added a few funnels and a spoon for scooping and my son went to town. 

Buzz Lightyear got into a little predicament :) 
Next we played a little search and find game.

I hid these items in the rice and my son shifted through with his hands and when he found them he put them in the bowl next to the bin. 

There are so many benefits to sensory play. It allows children to have a multi-sensory experience as they learn through play... and did I mention.....they LOVE it!!! 

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